Post 1: Introduction

My name is Joanna Mulvey and I am a senior majoring in mechanical engineering. I chose mechanical engineering as my major because I saw it as the best way to apply my interest in math and science to the “real world.” After seven semesters of coursework, I still find this view to be true.

I am also a member of the women’s rowing team. I have been rowing since eighth grade and am very lucky to have been able to continue rowing throughout college. Though it takes up an incredible amount of time, and I am often unenthusiastic about the training, I could not imagine college without rowing because it has been a part of my life for so long and I have met so many incredible people along the way. (However, I am definitely looking forward to not training at the Division I level after this year!)

During this class, I hope to gain new insight into the issues facing computer scientists and engineers, especially during this age of rapidly emerging technology. As a mechanical engineer, I have learned about the ethical issues facing my field and it will be interesting to see where these issues overlap with the field of computer science.

From my perspective, hacking and access to personal data seem to be two of the biggest ethical issues faced. With the amount of information that is on the internet in our society, anyone who has the ability to access this information has an incredible amount of power and, therefore, a great responsibility not to abuse this ability. I am interested in learning what safeguards exist to prevent hacking and cyber attacks, and also how computer scientists can protect their own personal programs and codes when hackers exist.


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